Getting Started

To save your designs and unlock additional features you'll need to sign up and subscribe to one of our three plans.

Once you've subscribed, go to the downloads page to grab the latest release. Fire it up, enter the username and password you've chosen, and enjoy the latest release!

Busted Boards

Click here if the bay is having a hard time with your board.

Windows Architecture

It's easy to determine the architecture of your PC. The latest versions of AkuShaper require that you download the appropriate version for your PC based on it's 32 or 64-bit architecture. Click here for Windows 7. Click here for Windows 8.

Apple Architecture

Sorry. Due to Oracle's failing support of Java libraries on Mac OSX new AkuShaper versions can no longer support Apple 32-bit systems. If you're unable to perform the free Apple upgrade to MAC OSX 10.9, Mavericks, then you have a 32-bit Apple Architecture.

In this case you can download and install version 2.2.3 of AkuShaper. Again, we're limited by both Apple and Java (Oracle) and their cooperation on this issue.

Reporting Problems / Feedback

Click here to send us an email on any issue.

Also, you can send us messages directly from the software. Go to Help > Report a Problem. Your log file will automatically be sent to us, along with specs about your computer.

Use this tool to request new features as well.

Reach us Directly

You can always reach us directly at: info@akushaper.com


How does the billing work? 

Billing is on a monthly basis with your billing period starting on your 1st payment date. 

What if I want to upgrade my plan?

You can upgrade any time. When you upgrade your subscription will be prorated for that billing period for each of the plans. For example, if the first half of the month you were on the backyarder plan and you then upgraded to upandcomer for the second half of the month:

  • Day of Month 1-15: Backyarder ($7 / month)
  • Day of Month 16-30: Up and Comer ($19 / month) 
  • Your net charge will be (1/2) * $7 + (1/2) * $19 = $13 

Why did I get billed twice in a row when I upgraded?

Our credit card processor will prorate the charge upon the change of plan. That's why sometimes it can appear like there were 2 charges in a short amount of time. The next month there will be a credit for the unused portion of the original plan.

What if I want to downgrade my plan?

You can downgrade your plan anytime but the downgrade doesn’t come into effect until the start of your next billing cycle. You are committed to the plan for the month you are in. That is, you can not get a refund if you upgrade and downgrade in the same billing period.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Of course! You pay one month at a time and you're free to cancel whenever you want. However, you are committed to the plan for the month you are in. That is, you can not get a refund for the unused portion of the billing period.

Do you offer group discounts?

We do have discounts available for those needing to purchase multiple licenses such as universities, clubs and other associations. All of the licenses will have their own unique username and password, but will be billed to a single card and must be on the same plan.

Contact us for more information.

Can I install AkuShaper on any number of computers?

Licenses are per person but can be installed on up to three computers (limit is raised if you're a machine owner with multiple machines).

We trust you guys. The activation limit is soft. However, we do track every activation. If we see a license being abused we will follow up on it and the license will be revoked.

What if I buy a new computer?

Not a problem! Just let us know and we'll wipe out your old activation so it doesn't count towards your limit.

Can I buy a lifetime license?

Sorry, no. We only offer monthly subscriptions. We feel the monthly subscription is the best of both worlds -- you immediately get access to the latest upgrades at a fraction of what it would cost to buy the software outright, and billing is automatic.

How can I help develop / suggest new features?

Go to Help > Report a Problem to report bugs and make feature requests. We are committed to continuous improvement. Click here to make a suggestion now. 

How do I report a bug?

Just go to Help > Report a Problem within the software and include a quick summary. Details about your computer, your license, and the source of the problem will automatically be included to help us get the issue resolved fast.

Can I open Shape3D, DSD and BoardCad files?

Yes. In addition to AkuShaper native formats we can open: .s3d, .s3dX, .srf and .brd formats.